About Brycen & Anna

We met in 2009 while we were both teaching in Dubai, UAE and decided to embark on a new adventure together in Istanbul, Turkey. We married in 2015 and after seven fantastic years of experiences that provided us with the foundation to grow both professionally and personally, we chose our next post. The United Nations International School of Hanoi has been our place of work over the past two years. During this period we have seen a wealth of professional development opportunities that have enriched our careers with new challenges and exciting leadership opportunities. 

We balance our time between the United States, Ireland and wherever our next adventure in travel may take us. We are committed to our careers as international educators and greatly value how this path has enriched our lives.

Our travels over the past eleven years as international educators in Dubai, Istanbul, and Hanoi have been fulfilling to say the least. Our interest in exploring different cultures remains steadfast and we are hoping to improve upon our educational experiences in our next adventure.