Acceptable Use Policies

At the beginning of each school year, all students are asked to sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This AUP serves to help guide students to use technology in a responsible and ethical manner.

Please see below for pdf copies of the Primary AUP and the Secondary AUP.

Primary AUP

Secondary AUP


Useful Resources for Parents and Tech

Below are several resources that we find helpful in managing technology at home:


Privacy and Internet Safety (Common Sense Media)
Maximize the benefits of the Internet while minimizing the risks.


Questions Every Parent Asks (Common Sense Media)
How to take control of the technology in your child’s life.


3 Simple Rules for a Healthy Media Diet
How to manage screen time at home.


The Smart Talk
Help and guidelines for having a clear conversation with your kids about technology.


All About Cyberbullying (Common Sense Media)
Find answers to many questions regarding cyberbullying and resources to help.


Family Media Agreement (Common Sense Media)
Create an agreement at home with guidelines and rules when using technology.


Keeping Kids Safe Online

Please check out the presentation below to see what you can do to keep your child safe online.

How Much Time?


In an effort to get students to reflect upon their daily technology habits and their overall screen time, we asked grade six students what types of digital devices they are using at home and school (Smartphones, laptops, television, tablets,etc.). We then asked students what they were doing on these devices (Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, video games, Google, etc.).From there, grade six students were asked to record their use of digital devices and what they were doing online on an average school day.


why_digitalAfterwards, students explored the reasons behind using digital media. The top three responses were communication and sharing, entertainment, and education and skills.

All students completed the daily log similar to the one above. Then each student calculated the amount of hours they spent using digital media per day. In order to determine a percentage of daily use per student, we agreed that six grade students were awake an average of 16 hours a day. From here, students could compare how much they used digital devices on a average waking day.IMG_4462

As the technology integrator, I found this lesson quite powerful because it gave students hard evidence of how much time they spend using digital devices. Some students reached as high as 81% of their day and others came in at about 30 to 40%. As a class, we asked students what surprised them about the results and if these results made them rethink how they spend their time.

With the understanding that digital devices are effective tools that can play very positive roles in our lives, we also looked at how we could spend our time without a digital device. Could we have a better balance? Are we using these because we are just bored? Could we get outside a bit more? Would it be a good idea to develop some new habits?

student_calculatingOne interesting aspect that come up for me was the high use of YouTube for watching videos and listening to music. Out of 50 sicth grade students, 44 said they used YouTube daily – that is 88% of sixth graders.  YouTube is a fantastic resource, but there are also many alternatives. I recently found an article ‘47+ Alternatives to Using YouTube in the Classroom’ that can be applied to home use as well.



How much time do you spend on your digital devices?



Exploring with Technology

Grades 2 and 3 at Hisar have had a busy morning with technology!

Grade 2 students used Spelling City to create their own spelling lists based on previous spelling exams. Way to go Ms. Apps and the students in Grade 2!

Mr. Hinkley’s Grade 3 class fearlessly explored the app Explain Everything. Students quickly learned how to import and edit photos, draw images, and record their voices.

Hour of Code… The Movie!

We just finished up our Hour of Code week at IICS. It is safe to say that all students who participated, throughly enjoyed this event.  IICS Weekly News even wrote an article about it! Check out the article here and the video below that recaps the week. Keep on coding!

Explaining the Water Cycle Using Technology with Grade 1

Hisar students in Grade 1 recently completed a unit inquiring into the Water Cycle. For the Summative Unit Assessment, they used an app called Explain Everything. The purpose was to demonstrate their learning and to discuss what happens in the water cycle. Enjoy the videos below from Ms. Murray’s class: