The World of 3D Printing

20170202_145210(0)In our first year of using our brand new 3D printer, we’ve been experimenting with a spectrum of ideas and possibilities. In Grade 9 IT, we started investigating by looking at what this exciting industry brings to the table. The future of positive impacts on society that have been unlocked with this technology truly leave our students with an evolved sense of what is possible. Especially after they print something for the first time…it’s like a switch has been flicked where you suddenly realize, “woah…I just printed an actual object…and now it’s in my hands.” I suppose it would have felt like that with 2D printing as well, but this is way cooler. Although we have only managed to print a few custom designed trophies and personalized guitar pics, the trial and error of using this new tech has been an interesting journey.

Two of our CAS students, Philipp and Ayush, are using their keen interest in this technology as an opportunity to teach others how to use the MakerBot Relicator 2. In Grade 3, students are beginning their production unit where they develop a product and learn the intricacies of marketing and sales. This year they are trying to print some products for sale using the 3D printer and

Here’s an example of what 3D printing is doing right now for the construction industry!