Creating Parent / Teacher Conferences Appointment Slots with Google Calendar

  1. Create a New Calendar entitled Teacher Name – ConferencesInline image 2
  2. While creating the calendar make sure the calendar is Shared as PublicInline image 3
  3. Once your calendar is created, you can go to the day in which your Parent / Teacher conference is and create an Event that lasts the entire time you will be at school.

    Once your event is created, click on the Appointment Slots tab and fill out the following. REMEMBER TO SELECT THE RIGHT CALENDAR

    Note: This will create one big event but when you share this calendar with parents, they will see the appointment slots.

    Inline image 5

  4. Click into the Appointment Slot event you have just created and edit the Where and Description sections. Then invite your parents as Guests!

    Inline image 6

  5. Click on the link provided and then select the URL and paste it into an email to your parents or if you are in primary, you can embed the new calendar into your class sites.