Email Subscription set up

We have successfully installed a WordPress Plugin that will allow your parents to subscribe to your Class Site blog posts! We realize the steps below are detailed, but if you go through them carefully, your parents will be able to receive emails from you every time you post something new about your class.

If you have any issues in setting this up, please let us know and we can help you.
Email Subscription Set up
Watch the video or follow the instructions below..

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard
  2. You should have an error message at the top of your screen saying Subscribe by Email needs to be upgraded manually. Please click here to start with the upgrade. Click the blue text
    Inline image 1
  3. Go to Pages > Add New and Title it Email Subscriptions and Publish the page.
  4. Go to Settings > Easy WP SMTP
  5. Fill out the form as follows:
    • From Email Address: your email address
    • From Name: What your parents / students call you (ie Ms. K)
    • SMTP Host: (very important)
    • Type of Encryption: leave as none
    • SMTP Port: leave as 25
    • SMTP Authentication: Set to No
    • leave the rest as is and Save Changes
  6. Now go to the Subscriptions menu item at the bottom left of your page and click on Subscriptions > Settings
  7. Email Frequency: We suggest selecting a Daily Digest that sends out at 16:00
  8. Half way down the page, under the Subscription Page section and Subscriptions Management Page, select the page you just made from the drop down menu called Email Subscriptions.
  9. If you would like a Follow button to appear on the bottom of each page, make sure the Display a follow button? checkbox is ticked.
  10. If you would instead like a box in your sidebar area, navigate to Appearance > Widgets and scroll down till you find the Subscribe by Email Widget. Click once and then Add Widget to the sidebar.
  11. Email your parents and ask them to sign up for your blog posts!