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Skills that travel – transliteracy and the Global Librarian A powerpoint on transliteracy and what it is.


InformationFluencyContinuum.pdf – New York City Department of Education K-12 Information Fluency Continuum

Common Sense Media – website which contains ideas for Digital Literacy

Video of Mimi Ito on Digital Literacy (7 mins) Yes this is the same one posted on the Home Page

Wikipedia has a good definition for New Literacies

Digital Information Fluency model

NCTE Framework for 21st Century Curriculum and Assessment National Council of Teachers of English in Illinois. I particularly like their definition of Literacies. “Literacy has always been a collection of cultural and communicative practices shared among members of particular groups. As society and technology change, so does literacy.”
I found this particularly useful in our Unit in Technology, small adaptations can be made to fit the units with most of this framework. However there is much to do to make the units fit in more completely.

Interesting look at the Networked Student

Some questions for the Edutech committee to consider digital literacy at IICS

What is our definition of Digital Literacy?

What do our students need to be taught or encouraged to develop in this area? How do we evaluate progress?

Who will teach it? How can we assist them?

What do you know of Digital Literacy in education? Have you worked in schools that are working well in this? Do you know of school working well in this?
While digital literacy is not only about skills this article on the top 10 tech skills every student should have includes some digital literacies

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Digital Blooms with great resources